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mail bombing

Mailbombing belongs to the DoS attacks to affect mail accounts and mail servers in their function in such a way that the email address can no longer be reached. Mailbombing can use different approaches to block the email account.

In classic mailbombing, the mail recipient is literally bombarded with a mail bomb. This can involve thousands or tens of thousands of emails sent to the email address from a botnet. The download takes so much time that the mail recipient is overloaded and cannot open correct mails.

DoS attacks

DoS attacks

Another mailbombing concept targets the SMTP server that sends the mail. By copying in many hundreds of identical mail addresses as carbon copy( CC) or blind carbon copy( BCC), the mail server is heavily loaded by generating the mails. However, this type of mail bombing is prevented by most mail servers.

The third variant again targets the mail recipient and works with large file attachments that take more or less time to download, depending on the connection.

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