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lux (lx)

Lux (lx) is the base unit defined in the International System of Units( SI) for illuminance, which is the light energy incident on a body. The illuminance on a surface is then 1 lux (lx) when a luminous flux of 1 lumen( lm) falls perpendicularly on a surface of 1sqm.

The beam angle and the distance of the light source from the illuminated surface determine the size of the illuminated surface. If the distance is reduced by half for the same solid angle, then only a quarter of the area is illuminated, while the illuminance increases many times over.

The illuminance is calculated from the quotient of the luminous flux (F) to the illuminated area (A). If the illumination takes place with 1 lux during a certain time, then the exposure is given in lux seconds (lxs).

Units of light and illumination

Units of light and illumination

Lux is often defined as one lumen (lm) per square meter (`lm/m^2`).

An artificially lit room has about 20 lx to 100 lx; outdoors, values can range from 3,000 lx in the shade to 100,000 lx in the sun.

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