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luminance, color, color (YCC)

Kodak has developed the YCC color model for the photo CD, which works with a brightness signal (Y) and two chrominance signals. The advantage of this color model, which is based on the Lab color model of the Commission Internationale d`Eclairage (CIE), is said to lie in the uniform color reproduction on printers and displays

. The YCC color space was optimized for electronic image processing by different step scaling of the two color difference signals

. The YCC signal is a 24-bit signal that is divided into 8 bits for the luminance signal and 8 bits each for the twocolor


The YCC signal can be converted to other color models such as the CMYK color model or the RGB color model. Conversely, other color models can also be transferred to the YCC color model. The color space of the YCC color model and the sRGB color model are identical. The color space of YCC is extended by xvYCC, the Extended Version of YCC.

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