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low temperature poly silicon (display) (LTPS)

As far as display technology is concerned, many different display technologies have been developed since the 1970s, of which only a few have become established on the market. Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) is one of several developments based on a TFT display. LTPS technology is characterized by low power consumption and does not require a backlight.

In the LTPS process, a silicon layer deposited on a glass substrate is crystallized with a laser at about 400 °C. This process has been further developed by Sharp. This process has been further developed by Sharp into Continuous Grain Silicon( CG-S), which is characterized by regular crystal structures with uniform size and expansion. The crystal structures and pixel sizes are smaller than those of other techniques and therefore allow the display of high- resolution images in the 4K standard. In this polycrystalline silicon, the mobility of charge carriers is many times -approximately 600 times- higher than amorphous silicon. The charge carrier mobility exceeds that of Organic Light Emitting Diodes( OLED). In addition, LTPS technology can also be manufactured on plastic substrates and its power consumption is far below that of comparable displays. This energy-saving effect is ideal for the use of LTPS displays in mobile devices.

LTPS technology is characterized by greater compactness, which translates into higher pixel density and thus better resolution. The transistors are smaller and the interconnects thinner. In addition, LTPS displays have a higher brightness and greater contrast compared to pure TFT displays.

Because of its low power consumption, LPTS technology is used as the basic technology in memory-in-pixel( MIP) technology, in LCD displays for active matrix OLEDs( AMOLED) in microdisplays, smartphones, computer watches and digital cameras.

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