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low self-discharge (LSD)

Normal nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries have a high self-discharge rate in which the battery loses several percent of the charged energy per month.

Self-discharge of a normal and an LSD NiMH battery

Self-discharge of a normal and an LSD NiMH battery

Due to the self-discharge, the batteries can already be empty after a few months. This disadvantage is significantly reduced by special NiMH batteries with low self-discharge, Low Self-Discharge (LSD).

LSD batteries are pre-charged NiMH batteries, also known as Ready to Use (RTU). They are nickel metal hydride based and have a much improved separator and positive electrode. They are said to still have about 80% of their energy after a year of storage, at least twice as much as conventional NiMH batteries. However, the nominal capacity is lower compared to similar conventional NiMH batteries.

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