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low power Schottky transistor transistor logic (LS-TTL)

The Low-Power Schottky-TTL (LS-TTL) built with Schottky diodes is a further development of the TTL logic

, which is characterized by a power consumption of only 2 mW, compared to the 10 mW of the TTL logic. The switching time is 10 ns and the switching frequencies are 50 MHz. Like other logics

, LS TTL logics require a supply voltage of 5 V, the maximum permissible low level is 0.4 V, and the minimum required HI level is 2.4 V. These operating voltages correspond to those of the other TTL logics.

TTL subfamilies

TTL subfamilies

In the type designation 74LS00, the low-power Schottky TTL carries the letters "LS

". The further development of the LS TTL technology is the ALS technology (Advanced Low Power Schottky), which has a further reduced power consumption at a higher switching speed.

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