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long term evolution advanced pro (LTE-AP)

Long Term Evolution Advanced Pro(LTE- AP) is based on the specifications of the Third Generation Partnership Project( 3GPP) for LTE-Advanced Release 13 and following.

LTE-AP uses the technological developments of the previous releases such as Machine-Type Communication( MTC), Licensed Assisted Access( LAA) with carrier aggregation in the 5 GHz range, 256QAM, 3D-MIMO, Intercell Interference Coordination( ICIC) to reduce interference and several other methods to increase efficiency.

LTE-Advanced Pro not only serves to improve efficiency and increase the transmission rate, but is also intended to meet the increasing demands on connectivity. For example, in the Internet of Things( IoT), car-to-car communication( C2C), smart cities, smart homes and smart wearables. As far as the characteristic values are concerned, a data rate of 1 Gbit/s is specified for LTE Advanced Pro. This data rate applies to downloads; uploads can be performed at 150 Mbit/s.


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