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location tracking

Location tracking is a tracking technique that provides detailed information about the instantaneous geographic location of people, goods, containers, and equipment, and tracks the movement of assets. It is location tracking that detects and registers changes in position.

Modern communication devices such as smartphones often support location determination via the GPS system, mobile phone systems or the Internet and continuously register the user's location and movement. Such movement profiles can be used to establish relationships with other people via appropriate correlations, namely when they are in the same place more frequently at the same time and for a similar length of time.

Location tracking is not a single technology; it can consist of various technologies that together form a system. For example, data from the GPS system, WLANs, mobile networks and RFID. Location tracking can be applied to large distance areas, such as fleet management, but it can also be applied in cities, universities, on company premises, in train stations or in buildings. The distance range determines the tracking technology for which the GPS system provides GPS loggers and GPS trackers.

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