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local dynamic map (traffic) (LDM)

An up-to-date traffic situation map, Local Dynamic Map( LDM), contains all traffic-related information. LDM maps are structured in several layers and consist of static and dynamic information.

A Local Dynamic Map is a road map for route planning that also provides information about current traffic conditions. In terms of presentation, a Local Dynamic Map consists of a static road map that is placed on top of the road map as an additional layer and contains time- and location-related information. This includes reference points for localization, information for traffic signals, tunnels or traffic signs.

Interactive traffic map from Bayern1

Interactive traffic map from Bayern1

Another layercontains dynamic information about road conditions, weather conditions that affect traffic such as aquaplaning, fog, black ice, snow cover and other disruptive influences. But also road works, disruptions caused by traffic jams and accidents. This information can be fed into the system via car-to-car communication( C2C) or car-to- infrastructure( C2I). Traffic-relevant data is fed into the top layer. For example, information about traffic density, general traffic speed, or the deployment of fire or rescue vehicles.

LDM maps are important for intelligent transportation systems( ITS). Since LDM maps are dynamically updated, the vehicle owner is always aware of changes in the traffic situation. The Local Dynamic Map is obtained from the Realtime Traffic Information( RTTI) with the information about congestion and obstructions and is processed in the Traffic Management Center( TMC). It is used for driver assistance by displaying warnings, speed control and location-based services.

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