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lobe cable

The cables used to connect the terminal equipment to a loop distributor in a token ring are commonly referred to as lobes. The IBM cable of type 1 can be used for the lobs.

Alternatively, type 3 or type 5 data cables can be used. The classic lobe cable has the IBM data connector as the connection to the ring distributor and a Sub-D connector (Sub-D9) as the connection to the data terminal equipment (DTE).

The maximum length of the Lobe cable depends on the extension of the ring, which in turn depends on the number of ring line distributors and distribution rooms. In general, the lobe cable length should not exceed 100 m for 4 Mbit/s token ring installations. A later extension of the ring then has no effect on the lobe length. For 16 Mbit/s rings, the lobe length should not exceed 50 m.

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