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loading capacity

The characteristic value power dissipation is always used in relation to power, e.g. for resistors, electronic components and loudspeakers.

  1. In the case of resistors, the power dissipation is the maximum power that a resistor can absorb. This characteristic value must be taken into account wherever resistors have to convert certain power into heat. The load capacity is reflected in the nominal load. This is between 0.1 W and 20 W for commercially available resistors.
  2. For loudspeakers, there are various characteristic values that say something about their power handling capacity. These include the nominal power, the peak power and the peak music power, which is given by the maximum membrane stroke. Power handling is also about continuous operation and what electrical power a speaker can handle in continuous operation. These limits are given by the heating and the electrical power that can be supplied to the loudspeaker.
    Third-octave band spectrum according to IEC 60 268 for

    Third-octave band spectrum according to IEC 60 268 for

    power handling capacity The continuous power handling capacity is specified in DIN 45573 and indicates the music power that a loudspeaker can reproduce in continuous operation without being damaged and without the reproduction being distorted. There is a standard third- octave band spectrum with the same power density spectrum according to IEC 60268 for evaluating power handling capacity. This specifies the third-octave center frequencies and the third-octave band levels.
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