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lithium manganese dioxide battery (LiMnO2)

The lithium manganese dioxide(LiMnO2) battery, developed by Duracell, gives mobile device designers an alternative to lithium-ion batteries and NiMH batteries. This specifically refers to the performance and draw currents, which supports both continuous continuous current draw and pulse peak currents.

The different voltages between the LiMnO2 battery and rechargeable batteries can be compensated by an electronic battery management system.

In the lithium manganese dioxide battery, the anode consists of a lithium foil. The ions flow from the anode through a conductive gel-like electrolyte to the cathode, which is made of manganese dioxide.

Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

Characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

The battery has a very high energy density and can be identified by its space-saving flat design. The flat design of only 35 x 53 x 29 x 7 mm makes optimum use of the space available in mobile devices such as digital cameras. The output voltage is 2.8 V on average; self-discharge is only detectable to a small extent of 5% over 10 years.

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