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lithium high voltage (LiHV)

Lithium polymer batteries(LiPo) are characterized by a high energy density and are therefore often used in drones or other mobile objects. Since the supply voltage of the motors is higher than the nominal voltage of lithium polymer batteries (LiPo), several LiPo battery cells are combined to form a package.

The nominal voltage of LiPo packages is directly proportional to the number of LiPo battery cells. With two battery cells, the nominal voltage is 7.4 V, with four it is 14.8 V, and with six battery cells it is 22.2 V. These LiPo packages are known as lithium HV packages (LiHV) - HV stands for high voltage. Corresponding packages are available with two and up to six battery cells.

LiHV package with 7.6 V and 35 Wh. Photo:

LiHV package with 7.6 V and 35 Wh. Photo:

An important parameter for the flight duration of drones is the C coefficient of the LiHV packages, which can have values of 100C.

When charging the battery packages, it should be noted that the battery cells are connected in series and that the charging process must be balanced so that all battery cells are charged evenly. This is referred to as battery balancing.

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