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The term listing exists in a wide variety of contexts. As a listing of addresses or participants of an event, for the stock exchange listing of a company or the inclusion of products in the product range of a trading house or online store.

In programming, the term listing stands for the expression of the program text, and in the web world for the registration of a website by search engines. As soon as the website with its individual web pages is indexed and listed in the results pages( SERP), it is referred to as a listing. If the website - for whatever reason - is no longer listed by the search engines, it is referred to as delisting.

Organic Listing and Paid Listing on Google

Organic Listing and Paid Listing on Google

In search engine listing, a distinction is made between organic listing and paid listing. In organic listing, search results are listed according to the current rating of the web pages and their content. The position on the results pages depends exclusively on the parameters that the respective search engines use to evaluate the websites. With Organic Listing, an improvement in the results position is only possible through search engine optimization( SEO). In contrast, Paid Listing or Paid Placement is a purchased position that is determined by the advertiser. The cost models for Paid Listing are based on the demand for the corresponding keyword, the position of the Paid Listing and the Cost per Clicks.

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