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listen before talking (LBT)

The Listen Before Talking (LBT) technique can be used where several subscribers share a transmission channel, for example in mobile communication and in the access procedure for Ethernet

. In both techniques, mobile communication

and Ethernet, the aim is to check whether the transmission channel is free or is being used by another subscriber. TheLBZ technique can be used equally for checking radio frequencies or wireline media

.In the Ethernet access method Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA), Listen Before Talking is a fundamental rule. In a CSMA network, when a station wants to send a data packet, the station willing to send first listens to the transmission medium. If the medium remains free for a certain time, the station can start the transmission. As long as the medium is occupied, a special signal

indicates this. Corresponding operating modes are not only used in Ethernet, but also in radio technologies such as Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS) and in the technology of Short Range Devices (SRD).

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