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liquid crystal polymer (LCP)

Liquid crystal polymers (LCP) are materials that have a higher order structure when melted and in the solid state. They are characterized by enormously high flexibility, temperature and tensile strength and can be used instead of ceramic materials, metals or other plastics.

Liquid crystalline polymers are resistant to acids and alkalis, to RF and microwave radiation and extreme temperatures up to 300°C, and are also flame retardant.

SIM card reader made of liquid crystal polymers, Photo: PKT

SIM card reader made of liquid crystal polymers, Photo: PKT

At the melting point, liquid crystal polymers can be pressed into prefabricated shapes to form thin- and thick-walled parts. The LCP material is ideal for injection-molded circuit carriers, such as those used in the production of molded interconnect devices (MID). It is used in electronics and communications technology for coatings and for the production of spatially electronic assemblies, for electric motor parts and for electronic and electrical components and MID components.

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