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When linkingweb pages, characteristic values of the linked web page are transferred to the linking web page via the link. Such parameters include PageRank, TrustRank and RankingIndex, but also the content. These parameters form the link juice of a website.

How much link juice flows to a website depends on the link popularity and the quality of linking websites. High-quality websites receive the most linkjuice, subordinate ones less. If a website has only a few or only one link, then the entire linkjuice flows to the linking website. If the link density is high, the link juice is divided among the linking websites. Linkjuice is used to distribute the properties and characteristics of a website among the linking websites.

Links over which the linkjuice should flow to other websites are marked with a Dofollow attribute. The linkjuice flow from one web page to another can be interrupted by the rel attribute" nofollow". However, the nofollow attribute does not change the linkjuice through the other links and the web pages receive more linkjuice.

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