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Link building, which stands for link construction, includes all techniques with which the number of links and their quality are improved. Link building is intended to enhance the attractiveness of websites to search engines. This leads to a better ranking and a better placement in the results pages and thus to more traffic.

Link building is about backlinks that are switched from one website to another and whose PageRank represents a recommendation for the website to which they are switched. To increase the attractiveness of websites, backlinks can also be bought, rented or exchanged. However, attention must be paid to topic relevance. Since the search engines examine backlinks for exchange links, the providers of backlinks have switched to offering them not in direct link to link exchanges, but via networks that also include blogs and social networks. In order to limit corresponding manipulations, search engine operators are changing their algorithms with which they detect manipulated backlinks.

So that backlinks are not included in the rating, they can be marked with the Nofollow attribute.

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