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link value

Link Value - (in German: Linkwert) - is about the evaluation of links in the context of search engine optimization( SEO).

There are many different factors and parameters by which websites are characterized and which, if these websites are linked to others, have an influence on their evaluation. Among the better known parameters are the ranking index, the visibility index, the keywords and keyword density, the structure of the web address and many more. And there are various links that can have both positive and negative influences: Internal and External Links, Sponsored Links, Inbound and Outbound Links, Good and Bad Neighborhood Links, etc.

Link evaluation is about the influence that the various links and parameters have on Link Value. The Link Value does not have to be influenced, it can be subject to a low, moderate or strong influence and this influence can be positive, slightly negative or strongly negative. Providers of text links and sponsored links use their own methods to determine the link value.

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