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line sensor

Line sensors or photodiode arrays (PDA) are optoelectronic sensors, CCD or CMOS sensors

, in which the individual light-sensitive semiconductor pixels are arranged in rows. Such a line sensor consists of a single line of adjacent CCD pixels. The pixel size determines the resolution. The number of pixels depends on the length of the scan line and the pixel size and can range from a few dots per inch

(dpi) to several thousand dots per inch, depending on the application.

Line sensor, 512 pixels from Hamamatsu

Line sensor, 512 pixels from Hamamatsu

Line sensors are used in fax machines and scanners

, in which they scan the originals line by line. During the scanning process, the sensor area is illuminated with a light strip. Thereflected light

isbundled in a rod lens and detected by the line sensor, a CCD line or a Contact Image Sensor (CIS), and the analog signal

isconverted into a digital signal

inan A/D converter

. Other areas of application include control and monitoring functions in production and merchandise management, determining the position of objects or counting objects.

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