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light activated silicon controlled rectifier (LASCR)

Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier (LASCR) are light activated thyristors (SCR), Light Activated SCRs also known as Light Triggered Thyristor

(LTT). Once the light falling on the rectifier exceeds a certain threshold, the LASCR allows the current

topass in one direction.

Circuit Diagram of LASCR

Circuit Diagram of LASCR

In terms of structure, LASCRs consist of an anode, cathode and the control electrode, the gate. Functionally, the LASCR remains in its conducting state as long as light is incident on it. If the brightness of the incident light falls below a threshold value, the LASCR blocks the flow of current. LASCRs have the highest sensitivity when the gate is open. In addition, LASCRs can be triggered with a pulse on the gate and then operate comparable to conventional thyristors (SCR). LASCRs are used in light-controlled devices and twilight switches.

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