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left hand circular polarisation (LHCP)

Electromagnetic waves propagate in space unipolarized, they have no fixed plane of oscillation. It is only through polarisation

that a specific plane of oscillation is defined. Polarization can be horizontal, vertical or in other planes, but it is also possible to influence polarization so that the wave propagates

inspace in a circular manner. In this context, one speaks of circular polarization, which can be generated with helical antennas

. Depending on whether theelectromagnetic wave rotates clockwise or counterclockwise when viewed from the helical antenna, it is referred to as right-hand circular polarization

(RHCP) or left-hand circular polarization (LHCP). Circular polarization is realized by antennas whose antenna elements are at right angles to each other and which also radiate two transmission signals that are 90° out of phase.

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