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lean enterprise

Lean Enterprise is a company with a lean organization and high agility

that can react quickly to market changes. The lean structures refer to lean

management and lean production

, among other things.LeanEnterprise is able to react to customer requirements and new technologies at short notice and provide corresponding software-based products. Furthermore, Lean Enterprises focus on value creation and work in a resource-saving way by stopping the waste of resources. Another aspect is the reduction of errors, as already applied with Six Sigma

, a quality assurance method, in production and online order processing.To achieve a high level of production, Lean Enterprises link lean production processes with procurement activities


For Lean Enterprises, there are several principles such as Value, which is about customer assessment and requirements; Value Stream, which is the life cycle of a product or service; Flow, which signals waste; Pull, which is the start signal for production; and Perfection, which signals inferior product quality.

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