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leaky bucket (ATM) (LB)

The leaky bucket method is used in ATM and audiovideobridging.

  1. Leaky Bucket (LB) is an algorithm used for conformance checking of cell flow in ATM networks, the Generic Cell Rate Algorithm( GCRA). It is a type of flow control in which the incoming data stream is compared with the traffic parameters set by the source. In terms of the procedure, this involves loading the ATM cells into a buffer memory without overflowing it. The buffer memory is emptied using a leaky bucket, which continues to be filled continuously and irregularly. The buffer allows individual cells to reach their destination. If the buffer threatens to overflow, noncompliant cells that do not fulfill the traffic contract are disregarded and discarded.
  2. In transmission engineering, the leaky bucket method is used for traffic shaping. The algorithm was developed by the IEEE working group802.1Qav, which deals with forwarding and queuing.
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