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large screen digital imagery (UHDTV) (LSDI)

LSDI (Large Screen Digital Imagery) technology involves extremely large and high-resolution display technologies, with displays of well over 100" and projection surfaces such as those used in home theaters and cinemas, on which Ultra- HDTV can be displayed.

The ITU-R has addressed the LSDI issue and has specified transmission technologies for Ultra-HDTV, whose resolution is many times that of HDTV. There are two specified resolutions for Ultra-HDTV, which is displayed in 16:9 format like HDTV: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels( 4K standard) and 7,680 x 4,320 pixels( 8K standard).

Light-intensive DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors with DMD chips are suitable projection technologies for UHDTV technology.

The ITU-R standardizes the transmission technology for Large Screen Digital Imagery under ITU recommendation J.601 and has specified transmission rates of 40 Mbit/s and 160 Mbit/s for the two resolution formats. These values are important in connection with10 Gigabit EPON in the connection area.

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