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large display

A large screen is an electronic display with a relatively large or very large screen diagonal. In the 90s, screens with a diagonal of 19" belonged to large screens.

Today, large displays for highest resolution video are manufactured in the 4K standard and in the 8K standard with diagonals of over 85". This corresponds to a metric size of 2.14 m. At 8K resolution, 7,680 x 4,320 pixels are displayed. The resolution and color representation comply with the ITU-T recommendationBT.2020 for Ultra HDTV( UHDTV). The HDR technology used, High Dynamic Range( HDR10), has a dynamic range of 10 bits and can display 1,024 brightness levels.

85-inch large screen in QLED technology from Samsung.

85-inch large screen in QLED technology from Samsung.

Large screens can be multi-touchscreens on which several people work simultaneously. Depending on the application, they can be equipped with different user interfaces, such as a graphical user interface( GUI), voice- or gesture-controlled user interface( NUI). Display technologies can be OLED displays or QLED displays.

If the TVs have large screens, they are usually equipped with a triple tuner for DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-T or DVB-T2 reception. They also have an Internet connection via which they can receive Internet television( IPTV) and live streaming. All offers from entertainment providers such as Netflix, Telekom or Amazon can be booked via the Internet. In addition to the aforementioned signal sources, there are USB interfaces for flash players, Blu-Ray players and DVD drives, as well as HDMI interfaces or wireless HDMI for laptops, game consoles or modern players, and the DVI interface.

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