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  1. A label is a tag, a marking. It is a simple number of fixed length used as a unique identifier of a data packet. The label usually has only local validity between two systems communicating at the same level. In intermediate systems, labels are substituted, label substitution, and forwarded using label switching. In addition to the forwarding decision, a label can be used to define the quality of service( QoS) of a stream.
    Label information in MPLS

    Label information in MPLS

    This can be used to optimize traffic within a network by forwarding certain packets with higher priority more quickly than others. Labels are used in multi-label protocol switching( MLPS), among other things.
  2. In programming languages, a label serves as the target of a jump instruction. They were used in 1st and 2nd generation programming languages that had a go-to instruction associated with them.
  3. In compact discs( CD) and DVDs, the label is the circular sticker for the storage medium. It can be printed with the title, the artists, the music publisher, the individual music tracks, the logo, graphics and some more.
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