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key logger

A keylogger is crimeware for (secretly) recording keystrokes. Such programs are used to log keystrokes on a personal computer and thus monitor the computer being used. The recorded records can be stored on the hard disk of the monitored PC or transmitted to other personal computers over the Internet.

Keyloggers record all keystrokes and can be used to spy out passwords or personal identification numbers( PIN), which is not allowed and punishable in Germany, and to analyze the user's input behavior. In the recorded data, one can recognize the services and websites that the monitored user participates in or has logged on to. The user is usually not informed about the spying activities.

Menu navigation of a key logger, screenshot:

Menu navigation of a key logger, screenshot:

In contrast to wired keyboards, the radio transmission of wireless keyboards can be intercepted. Since the transmission is unencrypted and the radio signals radiate further than 10 m, eavesdropping is technically easy to realize. For this reason, it is important to encrypt the Bluetoothconnection.

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