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kernel for intelligent communication terminal (KIT)

The Kernel for Intelligent Communication Terminals (KIT) is a graphical user interface for communication terminals. This user interface was used in Bildschirmtext and later in various versions of T-Online. KIT supports the display of multimedia objects up to audio and is based on well-known visual-oriented user interfaces.

It is operated via mouse and key control with sensitive screen areas. The mouse-controlled KIT interface allows the integration of texts, graphics, photos, sound and video sequences, which are transmitted online as well as retrievable from offline media( hard disk, CD-ROM).

Between the individual input and output components such as the keyboard, the mouse, the CD-ROM drive and the screen, the KIT model has a graphical user interface( GUI) that is connected to a KIT instance and the standard decoder. Communication and terminal applications are carried out through these components.

KIT is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness and is considered to be the successor of the former CEPT standard. To reduce communication overhead, KIT can store elaborate graphic elements in compressed form in the local personal computer.

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