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kelvin (K)

Kelvin (K) is a unit of measurement for temperature named after the English physicist William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824 to 1907).

Colour temperature according to Kelvin

Colour temperature according to Kelvin

The Kelvin scale begins at absolute zero, at which no particle has any more kinetic energy and which is -273.15 °Celsius (C) or 0 Kelvin. The temperature difference of 1 K corresponds to that of 1 °C. This results in a temperature of 273.15 K at 0 °C. The Kelvin degree is used in physics and in other technical areas, such as when specifying colour temperatures or noise temperatures of LNB converters in satellite reception systems. It is also used to indicate the color temperature of projector lamps. The Kelvin scale for colour temperatures ranges from red with 1,500 K, through yellow-red, yellow and white with 5,500 K, to light blue and blue with 9,500 K.

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