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Kazaa is a decentralized peer-to-peer network or super-peer network, where every participant is directly connected to every other participant. This anarchic network, which does not require central network management, uses the resources of all connected computers. Anyone can communicate with anyone: A with B, A with C, C with D, F with B, etc. and use and download resources, services and programs.

The Kazaa clients, which are also nodes, exchange files directly from the hard disks of the other Kazaa clients. The Kazaa users make the files available on their computers for others to use. The computers may or may not be configured to be used for file sharing. If they do not share data, they are called nodes; if they are configured for data sharing, they are supernodes. Data transfer between computers is encrypted, which makes it difficult to track copyright infringement.

Kazaa computers can search for music, software, images and documents on other clients. To shorten searches, the Kazaa software can perform 24 searches simultaneously. The results are displayed in individual windows.

Configuration of a super-peer network

Configuration of a super-peer network

Simultaneous downloading from multiple sources is also possible. Kazaa includes search and browse websites specifically designed for viewing in Kazaa, giving you direct access to downloads and information. Magnetlinks lets you link websites directly to files that can be downloaded using P2P technology. This can result in significant savings on online distribution and hosting costs.

Kazaa is conceptually similar to BitTorrent.

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