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A jumper is a small connector that connects two contacts or contact pins. It is manually plugged onto pins and forms a contact bridge.

Jumpers are usually covered with a plastic layer that serves as electrical insulation and provides protection against contact. It also prevents electrostatic discharges from damaging highly sensitive electronic components.

Plugged-in jumpers, photo: Highgames

Plugged-in jumpers, photo: Highgames

Jumpers are used for fixed configurations of hardware components by plugging them onto the corresponding pin pairs of a pin row. For example, two points of an electronic circuit can be connected, hard disks can be configured, memory areas can be switched or certain operating states can be defined.

The position at which the jumpers have to be plugged in can be found in the respective operating instructions.

Incircuit board manufacturing, solder bridges are referred to as jumpers. These are unwanted solder connections between closely spaced tracks or solder points.

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