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ions loudspeaker

In all known loudspeakers except the ion loudspeaker, a mass is moved and the vibrations are transmitted as sound pressure

. The ion loudspeaker, on the other hand, works massless by changing the air volume through temperature changes. In the ion loud

speaker, thesound waves

are transmitted by a momentary change in volume as the air molecules transport this change in volume.Technically, an ion or plasma loudspeaker is an RF oscillator whose output power causes air ionization


This ionization is modulated with the audio signal, making it stronger and weaker. A stronger ionization produces a higher temperature and thus a higher sound pressure.

Plasma loudspeaker from Magnat

Plasma loudspeaker from Magnat

Since the ion loudspeaker is massless, it has no distortion and an extremely linear frequency response that extends from about 5 kHz well into the ultrasonic range, well beyond the human hearing limit. However, the ionization of air produces ozone, which is detrimental.

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