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international standard recording code (ISRC)

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international code used to identify sound recordings on compact discs(CDs), DVDs, and other audio and visual media. It is used to identify songs and to secure royalty claims.

The ISRC code is used by licensees, copyright organizations and broadcasters for song playback. The code consists of a total of 12 letters and digits that indicate the country of origin, the company that holds the copyright, the year it was produced, and the serial number. The country of origin is indicated by two ASCII characters, the company by ASCII characters and digits, the year of production by two digits, and the serial number is five digits long. Each group of characters is separated by separators.

ISRC code

ISRC code

When played, the playback time is registered in the playback device. The ISRC code can also identify the International Standard Recording File (ISRF), which contains the information about the piece of music or video sequence, its length, the recording location and other information about the audio/video pieces and is crucial for its use.

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