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interim local management interface (ILMI)

Interim Local Management Interface (ILMI) are specifications defined by the ATM Forum fornetwork management between the end user and a public or private network

, and between a private and a public network. The ILMI specifications are based on a limited SNMP command set and describe the use of the SNMP protocol over the ATM Adaption Layer

(AAL) Type 5.

Information Supplied by IL

Information Supplied by IL

MI In addition, ILMI defines how to use the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the Management Information Base (MIB) of an ATM interface to provide status and configuration information to any ATM device. ILMI V4.0 describes four ATM interface MIB modules: textual MIB conventions, connection management MIBs, ATM address registration MIBs, and service registration MIBs. Future MIB modules created by the ATM Forum will be incorporated into the ILMI specifications.

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