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intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is a further development of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Handprint

Character Recognition (HCR). With intelligent character recognition, handwritten texts and numbers can be converted into machine-readable characters and transformed into documents

. The intelligence of ICR character recognition is demonstrated in the correction of incorrectly captured characters. The quality of the results is improved by semantic correlations, by linguistic and statistical procedures, by comparison with stored reference patterns and by checking against dictionaries. This leads in the result correction to the fact that an incorrectly interpreted character is corrected after the semantic classification or after the comparison with the dictionaries. If, for example, the ICR software interprets the "u" in the word "curse" as "a", which would lead to the word "flat", then the letter "a" is converted to "u" via the semantic context and thus the incorrect text recognition is corrected.

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