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integrated services management (ISM)

Integrated Services Management (ISM), a concept developed by Hewlett Packard for the management of services, encompasses all tasks affecting the service offering of serviceproviders

and companies. Integrated Services Management includes first and foremost the permanent availability of

the service portfolio via the Internet, as well as the fast and effective development and delivery of services, their data security

and cost-justified billing. Thefunctions of ISM management include service level management (SLM), change management, operations management, incident management (IcM), configuration

management(CM) and quality


ISM management systems

arebased on the IP protocol and can be used for all e-services

aswell as for personalized network services such as virtual private networks

(VPN) or individual and customized service offerings. Existingprocesses

for system and application management can be transferred to such a concept. ISM systems integrate existing system environments, increase efficiency and can be operated centrally.

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