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integrated digital network

Integrated text and data network comprising Deutsche Telekom's public services (Telex, Teletex, Datex-L, Datex-P and Direktruf/HfD). The development of the network is marked by the introduction of ISDN. IDN was a pure data network, which increasingly merged into ISDN.

IDN has been built since 1974, contains EDS exchanges and integrates data services. All subscribers of the IDN are connected via single or multiplex lines to one of the 23 data exch anges (DVST) existing in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Telecommunications services in the ID

Telecommunications services in the ID

N The IDN is based on the PCM30D system, which connects the EDS exchanges of this network. PCM30D provides a total of 30 data channels at transmission speeds of 64 kbit/s. These fast data streams are obtained from slower data streams of the subscriber terminals by time division multiplex data transmission. This technique creates three hierarchy levels with output bit rates of 3 kbit/s, 64 kbit/s, and 2.048 Mbit/s.

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