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integral non-linearity (INL)

Integral non-linearity (INL) is a characteristic value of A/D conver ters and D/A converters. It describes the error

between the actual quantized value and the ideal value. Since the quantizations can be staggered, the quantized values deviate from the theoretical value for each sample. For the ideal value, each sample has the same time offset from the previous value. The connecting line between the samples thus corresponds to a straight line. In contrast, the actual sampling points differ in time. The connecting line is a nonlinear function. The integral nonlinearity is expressed as the number of least significant bits

(LSB) or fractions thereof.

Integral nonlinearity (INL) of an A/D converter

Integral nonlinearity (INL) of an A/D converter

In addition to integral nonlinearity, converters also have the characteristic value of differential nonlinearity (DNL).

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