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input/output bus (I/O)

I/O buses are used to connect the central processing unit and the main memory with secondary memories, peripheral devices and plug-in cards. All data that is read in by the input devices and output by the output devices runs via the I/O bus.

The I/O bus is located on the motherboard and consists of one or more parallel lines for data, address data, and clock signals and control information.

Overview of I/O Bus Systems

Overview of I/O Bus Systems

The I/O bus is an extension of the system bus that terminates on the motherboard in a controller chip and forms a connection to the I/O bus. It has a lower clock frequency than the system bus. The best known I/O buses are ISA bus, EISA bus, PCI bus, AGP bus and the USB interface as well as the HyperTransport on printed circuit boards.

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