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  1. The term inlay is used in the packaging of compact discs or DVDs. It is the insert sheet that is inserted into the jewel box. Jewel boxes have provisions for front and rear inlays. The front inlays of standard jewel boxes are 121 mm x 121 mm in size and are used for title design, while the back inlays often list the individual music tracks with the playing time or are used for informational or promotional purposes.

  2. In trick mixing the term inlay is also used for a stencil technique. In this process, three video images are used: one each for the background and foreground and another for a stencil. In the inlay process, the stencil is used to punch out a section in the foreground image into which the background image is then mixed.

  3. In printed circuit boards, inlays are embedded components such as reinforced power lines or strip lines, which are embedded in an intermediate layer in multilayer printed circuit boards.

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