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information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an IT framework developed by the Office of Government Commerce in the UK( OGC) for systems management that supports availability management and incident detection. The recommendations for optimal IT Service Management( ITSM) were compiled in 1989 by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) based on practical experience and provide the guidelines of the OGC and the British Standards Institute( BSI).

The main goals of IT service management are customer orientation, qualitative improvement of IT services and cost reduction. For this purpose, ITIL offers systematic and practice-oriented methods to increase the efficiency of IT management.

Service areas of ITIL

Service areas of ITIL

The individual service areas for IT service management are described in an ITIL reference model. This consists of three levels and two areas, service support and service delivery. In the upper level, ITIL supports problem management as well as service level management or cost management, in the middle level change management, capacity management or customer relationship management, and in the lower level configuration management, availability management and continuity management, among others.

For example, ITIL supports availability management through comprehensive statistical evaluations and the recording of error situations. This enables weak points in hardware products to be identified and eliminated. It also offers prepared solutions for incident management.

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