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inertial measurement unit (IMU)

An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is an inertial measurement unit that consists of various sensors and is used in navigation devices of aircraft, motor vehicles and in other moving units.

An Inertial Measurement Unit can consist of a GPS module for location determination, it has an acceleration sensor or an inertial sensor for the detection of velocity and acceleration, a motion sensor for attitude and rotation and a magnetron for the magnetic field via which the cardinal direction can be determined. In addition, a pressure sensor can be included to measure air pressure. These sensors can be used to determine the attitude, orientation, motion, rotation, acceleration, and angular velocity of flying and moving objects.

The values acquired by the IMU sensors are processed in a microcontroller and can be transmitted via downstream modules to the actuators, where they perform control functions.

IMU units are compact units found in automobiles, aircraft, spacecraft, drones, robots, satellites, ships, and motorboats, as well as other devices that use navigation devices for control or motion. They capture the motion data andt the vehicle dynamic state. They use the data obtained from this to control motors, change acceleration and the lean angle of vehicles. If no GPS signal is available for a short time, the IMU unit can continue the tracking.

Simple IMU modules can also be found in smartphones, tablets and fitness trackers.

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