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industrial camera

Industrial cameras are high-quality digital cameras used in industrial image processing as well as in production monitoring and quality control. They are compact and extremely robust cameras without operating elements, whose functions are controlled via control signals.

Industrial cameras are available with low, medium and high resolutions. The range extends from a few megapixels up to 50 megapixels. The data rate is several hundred frames per second. Depending on the application and resolution, simple industrial cameras are equipped with the familiar camera interfaces such as the USB interface or FireWire. High-resolution, high- performance cameras, on the other hand, have high-speed interfaces such as GigE Vision, 10GigE Vision, USB Vision, CameraLink or CoaXPress. The GenICam standard is available for data transmission.

Industrial camera with 48 MP from Baumer, photo:

Industrial camera with 48 MP from Baumer, photo:

In addition to industrial applications, industrial cameras can also be used in pattern recognition, license plate recognition, face recognition, hand detection and retina recognition, quality control, medical technology, metrology and many other fields.

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