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individual Tetra subscriber identity (ITSI)

The Individual Tetra Subscriber Identity (ITSI) corresponds in structure and number space

to the Tetra address and consists of three individual numbers.

Structure of the Individual Tetra Subscriber Number (ITSI)

Structure of the Individual Tetra Subscriber Number (ITSI)

The ITSI consists of the mobile country code, TetraMobile Country Code

(TMCC), the mobile network code, Tetra MobileNetwork

Code(TMNC), and the subscriber short code, Short Subscriber

Identity (SSI).The Tetra Mobile Country Code is the country code for Tetra networks. The country code comprises 10 bits

and has the number 262 for Germany. The Tetra Mobile Network Code is 14 bits long and is used together with the country code for the ITSI block identifier. The Short Subscriber Identity consists of 24 bits and identifies the end subscriber. The ITSI addressing scheme is described in ETS 300 392-1.

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