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indium gallium nitride (LED) (InGaN)

The combination of indium nitride (InN) and gallium n itride( GaN) to form indium gallium nitride (InGaN) is a III-V compound semiconductor used in chip technology in laser diodes( LD) and in micro-LEDs.

InGaN can be used to produce semiconductor lasers, LEDs and micro-LEDs that emit light at wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to green. The different wavelengths are achieved by changing the proportions of indium and gallium. The higher the proportion of indium nitride, the longer the wavelengths. At a proportion of 30% InN, the wavelength is 440 nm. Typical emission wavelengths are 380 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm and 470 nm.

In addition, semiconductors made of indium gallium nitride (InGaN) are wide bandgap semiconductors(WBG) with a large bandgap. The bandgap changes with the ratio between the two semiconductor materials, and can range from 0.7 eV to 3.37 eV. Applications for InGaN technology include micro- LED displays, optical storage devices, and automotive headlights and turn signals.

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