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indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)

Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) is a group III-V compound semiconductor material for photodiodes and laser diodes. It has its highest sensitivity at longer wavelengths in the infrared region.

Laser diodes made of InGaAs operate in the wavelength range between 900 nm and 1,700 nm. They have their highest sensitivity at a wavelength of 1,550 nm. They are used as pump lasers in EDFA amplifiers and other optical amplifiers and in lidar systems. In addition, the semiconductor material is used in superluminescent diodes( SLD) and image sensors, and because of its good RF properties, as a carrier channel material in field-effect transistors and FinFETs.

Indiumgallium arsenide is used in multilayer solar cells as the bottom layer, where it absorbs the infrared portion of sunlight. It is also used in infrared cameras for short wavelength infrared( SWIR) detection.

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