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inbound marketing

There are different forms of online marketing, inbound marketing is one of them. It aims to turn fleeting visitors into potential customers via the website. This assumes that the advertising company has its own website and that it can be found.

With blogs, backlinks and interesting content, search engine optimization can be influenced so that the website is listed in the front results pages. Further support is provided by forums, social networks, white papers and newsletters.

With inbound marketing, leads are to be generated. Prospective customers should be familiarized with the company's product and services. The website must therefore offer interesting content and answer relevant questions. The offer should be so clear that the prospective customer can contact the company via the website to get more detailed information about the product and the boundary conditions. Only then is the lead generated. If the marketing is carried out by addressing the target group in a targeted manner, it is referred to as outbound marketing.

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