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in-vehicle system (eCall) (IVS)

In the eCall and NGeCall emergency call systems, which are to be installed in all new motor vehicles according to EU specifications, the on- board electronics, i.e. the eCall device, is called the In-VehicleSystem(IVS). An IVS system is a system that remains in an idle state as long as no emergency call is received. Only when an accident or emergency occurs does it become active and establish a connection to the emergency call center, the Public Safety Answering Point( PSAP), via the GSM network.

During normal operation, the eCall or NGeCall device monitors the various sensors triggered by the airbags in the event of an accident. In addition, the IVS system has a GSM module in the case of eCall and an LTE module in the case of NGeCall, including the in-band modem for transmitting the MSD data, Minimum Set of Data (MSD), an integrated SIM card, a backup battery, and backup antennas for GPS and GSM or LTE. The GPS facilities can be used to determine the vehicle position and direction of travel.

In the event of an emergency situation, the eCall device searches for the strongest mobile radio transmitter and automatically places an emergency call to the emergency call center under the Europe-wide emergency number 112, which is confirmed by the emergency call center. The urgency of the emergency call is ensured by the eCall flag sent along with the call. This means that the emergency call is given the highest priority.

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