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impedance matching network (IMN)

An Impedance Matching Network (IMN) is an impedance matching network or impedance converter. It is used in switching amplifiers and converters, among others, and matches the impedance of the input circuit to the output circuit.

In Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer ( HR-WPT) and Magnetic Resonance ( MR) wireless power transfer, IMN circuits are used for impedance matching between the power converter, which converts the AC voltage or DC voltage into a high- frequency AC voltage, and the source or transmitter resonator. An identical IMN circuit is required on the receiving side and matches the impedance of the receiving resonator to the A/D converter or a rectifier and the downstream load. This matching improves the efficiency of the power transfer. The AD converter turns the high-frequency AC voltage into a DC voltage. In addition, a high Q of the IMN matching network provides efficiency improvement.

Block diagram of a wireless power transmission system

Block diagram of a wireless power transmission system

To improve efficiency, wireless charging uses another technique, the tunable matching network( TMN), in which the transmission coils located in the garage floor and under the electric vehicle are positioned as precisely as possible on top of each other.

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